Final 2023 AH-64E deliveries

November saw the final pair of new AH-64E deliveries that are planned for 2023.

On 15th November 2023 a pair of AH-64Es (ZM736 and ZM737) arrived at RAF Mildenhall by airfreight aboard a USAF C-5M Galaxy 87-0041 “Reach449”.

These helicopters had been collected from Phoenix, Arizona which is near the Boeing AH-64 Apache factory at Mesa, Arizona.

Once off-loaded at Mildenhall, ZM736 and ZM737 were then prepared by by 7 Battalion REME troops for the road move to Wattisham, which took place on 20th November 2023.

This delivery means that the first 38 AH-64Es for the Army Air Corps are now in the UK, just leaving the final 12 to be delivered in 2024.