Apache AH1 fleet fate (March 2024)

ZJ166 To CSP 02/2018, scrapped
ZJ167 To CSP 02/2018, scrapped
ZJ168 To CSP 03/2018, scrapped
ZJ169 To CSP 03/2018, scrapped
ZJ170 To CSP 24/07/2018, scrapped
ZJ171 Instructional use at Wattisham
ZJ172 To CSP 22/05/2018, scrapped
ZJ173 To CSP 22/05/2018, scrapped
ZJ174 To CSP 13/12/2018, scrapped
ZJ175 To CSP 24/05/2018, scrapped
ZJ176 To CSP 24/05/2018, scrapped
ZJ177 w/o 04/09/2008, instructional use at Wattisham
ZJ178 To CSP 09/09/2020, scrapped
ZJ179 To CSP 11/03/2020, scrapped
ZJ180 To CSP 14/01/2020, scrapped
ZJ181 To CSP 15/05/2021, scrapped
ZJ182 To CSP 22/07/2022, scrapped
ZJ183 To CSP 08/07/2020, scrapped
ZJ184 To CSP 14/01/2020, scrapped
ZJ185 To CSP 06/06/2019, scrapped
ZJ186 To CSP 11/2021, scrapped
ZJ187 To CSP 07/2021, scrapped
ZJ188 To CSP 22/07/2022, scrapped
ZJ189 W.f.u. Wattisham 03/2024
ZJ190 To CSP 26/05/2020, scrapped
ZJ191 Instructional use at Lyneham 2023
ZJ193 To CSP 08/07/2020, scrapped
ZJ194 To CSP 13/01/2021, scrapped
ZJ195 To CSP 07/2021, scrapped
ZJ196 To CSP 03/03/2021, scrapped
ZJ197 W.f.u. Wattisham 03/2024
ZJ198 To CSP 03/05/2022, scrapped
ZJ199 To CSP 21/07/2022, scrapped
ZJ200 To CSP 06/06/2019, scrapped
ZJ202 To Boeing at Mesa for CSP trials 11/2017
ZJ203 To CSP 12/2020, scrapped
ZJ204 To CSP 09/02/2022, scrapped
ZJ205 To CSP 26/05/2020, scrapped
ZJ206 To CSP 13/12/2018, scrapped
ZJ207 To CSP 12/2020, scrapped
ZJ208 W.f.u. Wattisham 03/2024
ZJ209 To CSP 21/07/2022, scrapped
ZJ210 W.f.u. Wattisham 03/2024
ZJ211 W.f.u. Wattisham 03/2024
ZJ212 To CSP 24/07/2018, scrapped
ZJ214 To CSP 09/2018, scrapped
ZJ216 To CSP 07/09/2021, scrapped
ZJ217 To CSP 15/05/2021, scrapped
ZJ218 To CSP 07/09/2021, scrapped
ZJ219 To CSP 09/2018, scrapped
ZJ220 Instructional use in Australia 03/2024
ZJ222 To CSP 13/01/2021, scrapped
ZJ223 Instructional use at Lyneham 2023
ZJ224 W.f.u. Wattisham 03/2024
ZJ225 To CSP 11/03/2020, scrapped
ZJ226 Instructional use in Australia 03/2024
ZJ227 To CSP 03/03/2021, scrapped
ZJ228 To CSP 03/05/2022, scrapped
ZJ229 To CSP 07/2019, scrapped
ZJ230 To CSP 11/2021, scrapped
ZJ231 To CSP 09/09/2020, scrapped
ZJ232 To CSP 07/2019, scrapped
ZJ233 To CSP 09/02/2022, scrapped