Upgraded M-TADS/PNVS

Close-up of the new sensorNew front cockpit display for the M-TADS/PNVSThe latest upgrades to the Apache fleet comprise the new and improved M-TADS/PNVS, named Arrowhead.

This consists of a much improved IR sight with a more reliable set of LRUs. The improved capability of this new IR system is a quantum leap forward over the old original 1970's technology with vastly improved resolution, clarity and discrimination, and has taken the Apaches "find" capability to a completely new level.

The first pair of aircraft were upgraded by AgustaWestland at their facility in Yeovil. The remainder of the 67 upgrades are scheduled to be completed by 2010 at Wattisham.

In addition to this upgrade, a modification to the HIDAS defensive aids system is also in progress. Based on operational experience, this incorporates re-positioning some of the boom mounted sensors to the wingtips, as well as the addition of an extra sensor that gives better coverage beneath the aircraft.

New M-TADS equipped Apache    New wingtip HIDAS sensor position    Additional underside HIDAS sensor