22/04/1998 First airframe (DU0001/ZJ166) placed on Mesa production line
25/09/1998 First flight of DU0001 as N9219G, and official acceptance date
28/09/1998 Official roll-out at Mesa of DU0001 and handing over to WHL
08/06/1999 First military flight of a WAH-64
29/08/1999 The first fuselage kit for Westlands final assembly line (DU0007/ZJ172) delivered to Yeovil
May 2000 First delivery to MoD
18/07/2000 First flight of first Westlands built aircraft (ZJ173)
31/07/2000 First delivery of a Westlands built aircraft (ZJ173) to MoD
December 2000 Formal In-Service Date (ISD) achieved on time. This date marked the delivery of 9 aircraft to the AAC
13/01/2003 3 months of cold weather testing begin in Sweden using ZJ188
27/03/2003 Boeing delivered the 67th and final UK AH-64D Apache kit ahead of schedule at their Mesa, Arizona facility
01/04/2003 The AAC's Attack Helicopter Training Unit at Middle Wallop is given the "number plate" of 673 Sqn
08/06/2003 First delivery to 9 Rgt at Dishforth
01/09/2003 Conversion-to-type training commences at Middle Wallop by 656 Sqn
15/12/2003 Military Aircraft Release 6a clearance is achieved. This accepted the embodiment of several elements of Helicopter Integrated Defensive Aids Suite (HIDAS) and an additional software release into the aircraft
20/02/2004 Conversion-to-type training completed by 656 Sqn
30/03/2004 Ship Operating Limit Trials on HMS Ocean were completed successfully
21/07/2004 The 67th and final Apache AH1 (ZJ233) was officially handed over to the MoD at Farnborough Airshow
14/10/2004 Initial Operating Capability (IOC) is declared by MoD
19/01/2005 The first delivery of aircraft to the Apache's main operating base of Wattisham took place when ZJ194 was delivered in from Shawbury as "AA292". This aircraft will be allocated to 3 Rgt, 662 Sqn.
12/04/2005 3 Regiment at Wattisham flew their first mission today using ZJ190 as "Army Air 307"
25/05/2005 With exercise "Eagle's Strike" well under way, the Apache's official entry into the Army's inventory is announced
May 2006 656 Sqn (part of 9 Rgt at Dishforth) deploy to Afghanistan under Operation Herrick. This is the AAC Apaches first operational deployment.
June 2007 4 Rgt at Wattisham start flying regular training missions, whilst the first aircraft from 9 Rgt at Dishforth move to Wattisham.
November 2008 The first pair of upgraded Apaches are completed at Yeovil. The upgrade comprises an improved M-TADS/PNVS, read more here
May 2011 656 Sqn complete live firing exercise from on board HMS Ocean. 30 mm rounds and Hellfire missiles were successfully fired at targets in the Mediterranean Sea, and replenishment and re-armament drills were carried out on board the ship
May 2011 The AAC Apache force celebrated the completion of one hundred thousand hours of flying. A third of these hours have been in operations in Afghanistan on Operation Herrick.
May 2011 AAC Apaches are deployed on their second concurrent operational mission when tasked to operate from HMS Ocean in support of ongoing operations in Libya in Operation Ellamy.
04/06/2011 First mission launched over Libya from HMS Ocean as a pair of Apaches successfully return to the ship after striking military targets around Brega overnight
Late 2014 With Operation Herrick completed and the UK withdrawing the majority of active troops, the Apache Fleet gets a well deserved rest from operations.
11/07/2016 Contracts signed at Farnborough Air show with Boeing for 50 new build AH-64E models to replace the current fleet. These will be to basically standard USArmy specification, but will be fitted with some of the equipment (including M-TADS, Longbow radar, HIDAS) fitted to the existing aircraft.
March 2017 A $488 million contract (W58RGZ-16-C-0023) confirmed for RE-MANUFACTURE of 38 existing airframes to AH-64E standard, plus supply of three Longbow training simulators.
2020 3 Rgt AAC crews begin training on the newly delivered AH-64Es at Fort Rucker
26/11/2020 Delivery of the first pair of AH-64Es to the main operating base of Wattisham. ZM704 and ZM705 arrived by road from Brize Norton, having been flown into the UK by RAF C-17.