Otterburn Live Firing Exercise

By PGS Photographic - Specialists in Aviation

and Aerial photography - D J Lang

Red flag indicates live firing  Donald LangAs part of each Apache Sqn's operational work up, live fire missions have to be held in order for the crews to gain proficiency.

The Otterburn area of Northumberland is a vast area of sparsely moorland where this type of training is carried out with minimal environmental impact.

The ranges here are used by numerous units and have a wide rang of targets available for the crews to hone their skills on.


The following images show some of the targets available, as well as the aircraft's natural low level environment.

Targets on the range  Donald Lang    AH at low level  Donald Lang    A pair of Apaches  Donald Lang


The nose mounted chain gun in action, the "bad guys" view, and departing the area.

Chain Gun in action  Donald Lang    "Bad Guys" view  Donald Lang    AH departs  Donald Lang


Back to the FARP for re-arm and refuelling

Apache returns to the FARP  Donald Lang    Replenishing the 30mm rounds  Donald Lang    Reloading the CRV-7s  Donald Lang


And finally some CRV-7 action

CRV-7 goes in....  Donald Lang    ....CRV-7 comes out  Donald Lang    Resultant hits  Donald Lang

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